jeansasha i will text u in a minute hold on 

bedeliacodfish i mean if she does then they’re probably awful. she’s super crabby in class and isn’t really helpful when anyone asks questions so i don’t think she’d be useful in a tutoring session. 
yeah i’m going to try and look around soon, thank you!

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it’s geometry and ap human geography stuff 

yeah i used it last year but i don’t know if it’ll be able to help me right now because it’s kind of just applying definitions to problems and i just can’t grasp any of it

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this is the  r e v o l u t i o n .

h e ’ s   t h i s   y o u n g ,   t a l e n t e d   k l u t z  […] “
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tell me on anon which tumblr user u have a crush on

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reblog if you’re an asshole

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Winnie Harlow is the new face of Desigual. 

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hello everyone that needs to do their hw

do your homework!! you can do it!! after you’ve finished you can blog all you want!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK FRIEND YOU CAN DO IT

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I YAHOO!-ed Myself with Natalie Dormer (x)

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“For me, red carpet fashion is taking risks while staying true to your own aesthetic. Wearing the clothes, not letting the clothes wear you.”

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